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We Make Known

We Make Known

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digitized archives

We Make Known is an easy and inspiring access to digitized archives.


A semantic search engine that aims to revolutionise the way we experience our digital memorie. We focus on the joy of discovery, the possibility of wandering around to find hidden treasures.

Find us at the Europeana Space 3rd Conference

Cultural Heritage: Reuse, Remake, Reimagine

21.-22.11.2016 Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin


Do you know what‘s hidden in the archives?

We only find what we already know


What you type is what you get, presented in endless boring lists. Discovering something new can be a ­hustle: content over supply, complex handling, boring browsing.

Solutions for the audience

The interface offers the audience a fun way to explore archives and easily discover hidden treasures.



Rotary Knob

Meta View

A small number of diverse results allows a deeper user engagement with fewer objects.

Users can influence the ­search logic by choosing the amount of the search ­iterations in an intuitive ­interaction.

Users are able to retrace the algorithm to see browsed data and the decisions­ taken on it.


Solutions for the institution

Institutions will be provided with a service that introduces exciting possibilities and promises a managable effort.



Data Hub

WMK offers a widget that easily integrates with existing websites.

The analysing of WMK‘s usage and it‘s visualisation gives insights to improve the archive and inspiration for curation.

WMK offers an upload and managing tool that provides full content control.



We’re fascinated by digitized archives and the treasures hidden in that complex cosmos. We believe that „wandering around“ creates serendipitous moments, worth every dead end on their ways.


Knowledge, hidden in huge datasets, should be accessible for everyone – without feeling lost.


We want to work together with cultural institutions and likely-minded people to improve the cultural landscape and contribute to the open data culture.


The digitization creates a whole new world of possibilities for audiences and institutions, that are hardly developed jet. We want to change that by combining thoughtful design and forward-thinking programming skills.


The treasures they find

will return to your shores and enrich your  curation practice.

We send them on a ­expedition to the vast lands of knowledge.

We offer people a fun way to create their own maps to your archive.


 2016 We Make Known

We're looking forward to get in touch with you, whether it is via the contact form, e-mail, twitter or phone.



Marius Foerster


(+49) 179 92 10 971


twitter: We_Make_Known


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we vivify archive experience


we spot hidden treasures


we empower your audience


The project started 2014 at the open cultural data hackathon Coding da Vinci in Berlin. Three programmers and one designer came together and developed the first prototype "Mnemosyne". Since than WMK was presented at several events and featured in a couple of online articles and radio shows.


Participation at Apps for Europe,

Future Everything Manchester 2015


Exhibition at the Stand of the German Digital Library, Frankfurt Book Fair 2014


Winner of the E-Space Hacking Culture Bootcamp,

Waag Society, Amsterdam


Incubation, Remix Academy London


Attendance at REMIX Summit London 2015

Special Thanks fot the great support on our way so far: REMIX Academy & Summits, Europeana Space,

 Coding da Vinci, Wikimedia Foundation Germany,

Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, German Digital Library, Waag Society, Apps 4 Europe, Europeana